DATES: The Regatta Series will consist of single races on 3 Saturdays in January and February as follows: January 28, February 4 (Same day as the MORF Party at Hasting’s Warehouse!) and February 18, 2017.

RULES: The Regatta Series will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing

Rules of sailing (RRS) 2013-2016, and the rules of any boat that races in their Class Associations. This is the first regatta in the M.O.R.F. Competition Cup (All Sails), M.O.R.F. Cup (Non Spinnaker Class) Series for 2017.

Entries: All eligible boats may be entered by filling out the proper entry form and paying entry fees prior to the first race by said boat in the series. Entry will be $35 per boat for the series, payable at the first skipper’s meeting or by arrangement with Jim Collins prior to first race in series. All boats should have a STPHRF certification, or a temporary PHRF rating may be assigned by the Race Committee.

Notices: All notices to competitors, will be posted at the Wednesday Start-Finish Box.

Explained at Skippers Meeting. Or by Radio Communication. Channel 68.

Signals: All signals made ashore will be at the M.O.R.F. Wednesday Start-Finish Box. Start-Finish Box located on the southeast side of the Lawrence Street T-Head. First signal will be at approximately 11:00 Hrs. Radio Communications will be used for over earlies/general recall on Channel 68. All entrants must have either a Fixed or handheld radio.

Skippers Meeting; Will take place at 10:00 AM near the MORF hoist prior to each race in the series. Any discussion of postponement or cancelation due to weather will take place then. In case of postponement, first signal must take place no later than 14:00 Hrs. that Saturday.

Classes: All-Sails class, Non-Spinnaker class. Three boats will constitute a Fleet. Courses: A M.O.R.F. Wednesday Night Start-Finish Line will be in effect. Series races will take place in CCBAY, as per CCBAY Chart where Numbered Marks will be used.

Courses will be posted on RC Board at Start-Finish Line .

Racing: Races may be Windward-Leeward or Triangle, as per Race Committee. One(1) race per Saturday. Low Point rule in effect. One throw out after three races completed. 1st place=1 point, 2nd place= two(2) etc.

Trophies: 1st place finisher in each class will be awarded a bottle of Rum after the first two races, at the Wednesday Start-Finish Line Box.

Party: There will be an awards party after the last race in series at a venue to be announced at the MORF party. Munchies will be provided by M.O.R.F.


Jim Collins, M.O.R.F. Regatta Chairman 361-537-4034 or Doug Weakly, M.O.R.F. President, 361-815-3822 or