Start Sequence

Wednesday Night Start Sequence

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Pursuit Starts

Pursuit Start Times for Staggered Start Sequence. Pursuit Starts are for the First Wednesday of every month.

Latest PDF of Wednesday Night Races Pursuit Start Times (1st Wednesday of the Month) Updated on 5/4/21 by Josh Richline & Billy Liles. Choose from the “Long List” Shows all boats including “Historical Entries” (Boats that we keep the ratings on file for but are no longer raced here)) and the “Short List” with the boats that are actively being raced here using links above.

For your information the change reflects the slowest boat currently registered with the fleet (a 225 PHRF rating) starting at exactly 18:00:00. The previous start times were based on a boat with a 291 PHRF rating starting at 18:00:00 which we haven’t had sailing here for a long time. All other boat’s starts have been updated to reflect this change. This is a difference of between 4min 32 seconds for the shortest course and 8min 15seconds for the longest course….on a positive note if you don’t update your records and continue to use the old start times you’ll certainly never be over early, but it will be hard to be competitive giving everyone else that much of a head start.

Official US Time – Start Times are based on UTC (which in general is very close to “network time” when your cell phone is set to the cellular network as it’s time source). Your GPS should include the correction bits, but if you pull out a very old GPS or turn off the correction bits you may be off by as much as -19seconds…thanks Mark Foster for that lesson.

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