South Texas PHRF Updated: August 2022

Click here for the South Texas PHRF Master Valid List (assigned boat ratings). These are the PHRF rating numbers that have been established locally in South Texas, over the years, for a particular boat as listed. 

Pursuit Start times for ratings of active boats along with assigned Pursuit Start times are under the Start Sequence tab at the top of this page (there is also a drop down under that for Pursuit Starts)

Additional Base rating numbers from other PHRF areas around the U.S. may be found in the U.S. Sailing PHRF Manual. A Base handicap rating, for any given boat, may vary significantly from one PHRF Region to another and from the final PHRF handicap ratings assigned locally.

Your 2022 South Texas PHRF Members are:

Rick Bell,  Chair               Term Expires:  December 2024

Jim Robertson, Secretary           Term Expires:  December 2023

Daniel Willias                            Term Expires:  December 2025

Richie Rincon                            Term Expires:  December 2025

Doug Weakly                             Term Expires:  December 2024

You can contact the STPHRF Commitee at:

Link to the PHRF Fleet Handbook

New PHRF Rating Application

Multihull Ratings are assigned by the Texas Offshore Multihull Association (TOMA) and can be reached at michaelzotzky@morfwebmaster

Meeting Minutes Linked Below:

ST PHRF minutes 20220310

PHRF March 29 2022 minutes

ST PHRF minutes 20220818

ST PHRF Agenda 20230311

ST PHRF minues 20230311

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